Netarhat is situated 140kms from Daltonganj. At a height of 1128 metres, the hill station is the among the highest points of the Chotanagpur plateau. The natural beauty of the place is simply splendid. Netarhat is especially known for its stunning views of sunrise and sunset and is popularly known as the Queen of Chotanagpur.

Amjhariya valley

Driving through Amjhariya Forest along NH 75 will give you Spectacular views of tree-covered hills and small mountains. There are also several small side roads off the highway that lead to Kanti waterfall and walking trails.It is located 32 KM towards East from District head quarters Latehar .

Maromar Forest

Maromar Forest is known as The heart of Palamau Tiger Reserve .

Tubed cave

Tubed cave is a natural cave located at Tubed Hills in the dense forest which is 14 kilometers away from Latehar. It is said that long time ago tigers used to live in this cave.

Sarju valley

It is situated 20km away from sub-district headquarter Garu and 25km away from district headquarter Latehar, If you are planning to drive to Netarhat via Latehar, you might come across Latehar -Sarju Road, which is an alternate route.



Almost 170 kms from Ranchi and surrounded by lush green forests, hills, valleys and waterfalls, Betla is a serene tribal village located in the Latehar District of Jharkhand bordering the jungle.

Mahuadanr Wolf Sanctuary

Mahuadanr sanctuary is situated in the picturesque Chechari Vally (Mahuadanr) Distt. Latehar.


Budhaghaugh falls

The Lodh Falls,also known as Budhaghaugh falls ,are located at 10 km North-west from the headquarter of mahuadanr block in Latehar district . It is the highest waterfall in Jharkhand and the 21st highest waterfall in India. The falls are located on the Budha River within the Chota Nagpur Plateau forests. The falls measure a whopping 143 meters (469 ft) and make a thundering sound that could be heard from over 10 KM away. This is a reason enough to visit the falls during the peak of monsoon. Due to its deep location, you must have private transportation or hire the vehicle to visit the falls.

Surkai Ghaghri Waterfall

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Lower Ghaghri fall

It is located10 Km from Netarhat in Latehar district in the state of Jharkhand. It is the 33rd highest waterfall in India.

Sugu bandh Waterfall

It is located on the route of Betla to Netarhat. Suggha band is surrounded by hills which makes it different from other tourist destinations.

Kanti Waterfalls

It is located around 47 km from Latehar and 66 km from Ranchi. It is surrounded by dense forests which enhance its natural beauty .

Mirchiya waterfall

Mirchaiya Falls is located 3 km from Garu block of Latehar district. It is situated within the Palamau tiger reserve area.

Upper Ghaghri fall

It is a small waterfall, situated 5 km from Netarhat. It is in the Latehar district of Jharkhand..


Palamau Forts

The Old and New Palamau Forts are at a distance of 27 kms. from Daltonganj. The forts were built by Raja Medini Rai of the Chero dynasty about 400 years ago.